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Monday, August 1, 2011

I am a few pages away from finishing one of the best books I've ever read, called

"The Nature of Personal Reality"
review by Kristen Fox (she describes the way this book made me feel 100%)

"If you want to understand the details of how reality creation works, this book is a MUST READ. Beliefs, expectations, thought forms, general metaphysics, psychology, infinite probabilities, the consciousness of all things - it's all there. If you love thought-provoking reads that have the capacity to turn your assumptions about physical reality upside down - read this book! Jane Roberts was a very scientifically-oriented individual with an extremely discerning mind and this channeled material is an excellent reflection of that focus.

This was the first book I read that spoke directly about reality creation and as I read it I felt like I had come home. Finally, there was something in front of me that showed me things that I had known my entire life but hadn't been able to put into words. Seth comes at reality creation from dozens of different angles and helps you put the pieces together to form a larger picture."

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