Feel Alive!

Choose to be whomever you please; imaginary or real.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Waddle waddle

I saw a little lady duck walking around the parkade entrance to one of the hotels on Humboldt while walking to the bus. She looked quite lost ... if I wasn't rushed I would have found a way to help her get back home! So adorable -- though kind of sad to see her astray. How'd she get there? What's her story? Was she following someone? Some other duck? Her life companion? Now she may have lost him forever! Oh sadness. I will pretend that she chose to visit the hotel for a stroll in the city, and was just waiting outside in the rain because she loves this weather.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mundane erks

Feeling uneasy or anxious for no reason. What is that? Like my pores are sensitive, open and irritated and almost wounded. Everything that comes into contact erks, hurts, bothers; it's lonesome. It makes me retreat. Within my mind is a complete different circus than out in the mundane world. Oh yes, my mind is going, going, gone. It feels good when someone else is feeling grounded and secure around me; reassures me and reminds me that...

life is good.