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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A click of a button

These were never words tied to our youth. Nothing has ever been easier to throw away; disposable clothing, disposable devices of all sizes. What do we do now that emotions are creeping in? We were taught to push a button and everything would reset. Dreaming is what we're doing ... stuck in a mechanical lucid state, where 0s and 1s are the language of our sons, daughters, even some of our mothers, founders, powerful people who don't think they can make mistakes anymore, at the wheel of a most powerful spacecraft, one that saves our memories into an imaginary bank, but not the memory bank you used to call your imagination.
Can our hearts handle this without you?

Friday, January 24, 2014


Life hits you with incredibility, but with that intensity how are you to deal with insanity? Intelligent as you are, you'll have to find a way to stop thinking about it all, urgently and sporadically try and fix it all. Intelligence will do you no good; the heart has its own vision which may be misunderstood by the careless mind, the mind you find so well rounded, confined to ideals you've been brought up to define in a way so measured, so carefully pressured, steamed at the right temperature, cooked to perfection so you could handle these kinds of situations.

Are you ready to let go of all of it? Will disbelief -- removal from your deepest beliefs -- be the only way out of it?

Saturday, January 18, 2014




They make me super happy. Actually, not only happy, but they instill a feeling that is either calming, soothing and uplifting, or sometimes doomy, gloomy and dark. Either way, it is good to feel whatever it is nature is showing you! It is usually a mirror image, a reflection, of what's going on internally. It's interesting that the outside world will only be as beautiful to you as you feel inside. If it's an amazingly sunny day, the air is warm and soft while you feel depressed or down, you will see none of it whatsoever.

Friday, January 17, 2014

As if your First

What an amazing poem ... or whatever you'd call these ramblings
(does poetry have to be a certain structure? naa)

By Steve Sauve

I almost died last year
spent over three months in the hospital
in which time they had to repair my heart twice
it was by far the most horrible
experience of my life
some of my fellow poets have been urging me
to write a poem capturing these events
a serious piece about mortality
but I dont want to write a poem that
brings everybody down
see, the reason most of my poems are comedic
is not that it's all i'm capapble of writing
it's that I want to use my time on stage to uplift people
If you walk out of here with a smile
then I feel like, in some tiny way,
I've improved the quality of your life
and that means more to me
than winning some competition ever could
so if I'm going to write a serious poem
it's sure as fuck not going to be about pain and suffering

Know what tomorrow is?
tomorrow is the one year anniversary of
the day I got out of the hospital
they may have carried me in on a stretcher
but I walked out on my own two goddamn feet
stronger and wiser from the experience

I've heard it said that you should live your life
as if each day might be your last
what the fuck kind of morbid bullshit is that?
Now, I've got a two foot scar down the middle of my chest
that says I probably know more about these matters than you
So take it from me:
The secret of life is to live every day
as if it were your first

When every day is your first
you free yourself from all the cynicism you've built up over the years
You allow yourself to see beauty in all its forms
And trust me, it's fucking everywhere
from the hurried commuter pausing to hold a door open for a stranger
to the room full of people who spent ten dollars
on a friday night to see a poetry show
that's beautiful

Every day
I awake to the sun hitting my face for the first time
I breathe my first breath and it's intoxicating
Every day
I walk out into a world where no one has ever judged me
I look up at the sky and remember how
fascinating the clouds are
And every day
Someone will be the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen

When every day is your first
love has never let you down
you've never been rejected or abused
and you realized that love has got to be
the most ridiculous fucking thing to be
afraid of that there is

I'm not afraid anymore
death tried to take me and I kicked its ass
I'll be damned if love is gonna finish me off

Once you allow yourself to love and be loved
to love who you are 'cause (heh we've already covered this)
you're all beautiful
It's like flipping a switch:
everything changes instantly
it changes from a matter of "if" to a matter of time

See love is a commodity that's in constant demand
and there's an infinite supply
all you've gotta do is learn how to manage it

I'm sure to some of you this sounds like preachy nonsense
that you'll immediately dismiss:
"oh shit, Steve's gone all new agey on us"
but if you take nothing else away from this poem
Then at least take this:
Don't run from love
and smile
you're so beautiful when you smile

Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's time


This year is all about CREATING! Getting shit done!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Positivity with Customers

This business transaction just made my whole night!

When a customer first steps into my office, it's easy to assume what they're like. But assumptions usually prove to be completely wrong, and that's a main reason why I like this job. It tests my automatic judgement. I wouldn't consider myself a judgemental person, but it's almost instinct; I'm going to try to be "transparent" for my client, and this means I'm going to assume how to be and "reflect" the way they're acting towards me so that we can get along and respect each other in a professional environment. I think transparency borders on being judgemental in business, actually, but I guess it's necessary to ensure quality service.

Anyway, why this made my whole night: at the end of the whole transaction, my customer asked me what my new years resolution was (that I could share) other than being happy (cause obviously I had that down already... awww) I said that I wanted to plan some really awesome events, because I'm an artist and when I put on my last art show I was vibrating at the fact that people had all congregated into one place to be a part of what they love, supporting their local art scene and generally their local FUN scene. I was blown away at what I had put together, who I'd brought together, and that I was making something tangible, creating an event that people would actually remember as something that happened in their lives. I like to think that I impact people in a positive way, no matter what I do, no matter how small of a gesture. When I told my customer this, he was stoked for me. When I asked him what his new years resolution was, he said to work with kids more, to exercise, and to turn life around into a really positive experience! He has realized that he's got the power, and that he can change his life for the better, and that is completely a choice. When he said this I was even more touched that he said I was already what he considered happy; it was something he wanted deeply, and I must have inspired him at least a little bit to stay positive and to love what you do. I said I am very blessed and know how fortunate I am, and he loved to hear it.

It's all about how much you can spread the love! It's amazing how GOOD I feel when I simply give off positive vibes and make people HAPPY!

The new year!

Later, 2013.

So much has happened. I'm glad I've kept this blog, it helps to remind me of a few important details. I ran into a friend today who also keeps record of the really awesome dates in his phone through lists. I'm gonna start doing the same thing. I have diaries upon diaries describing every single day of my year, but it's hard to just go in there and find the important dates quickly. I just want to see the highlights! Almost every day I have something to jot down, but it's not stuff that I necessarily need to revisit and reread, which is why it's a great idea to also have a list of important days and events.

I highly recommend keeping track, though. Time is flying by and all of this technology is keeping us so busy that we're forgetting to remember! Forgetting to take the time to acknowledge what's happening to us. I don't know about you, but I'd like to hold on to moments. Sure, I can live in the "now", in the present, but I'd like to have all of those moments to think back on if I want!