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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Drawing is so therapeutic. I've said it before but every time I take on a really difficult drawing, some kind of commission, it blows my mind how stressed out I can get if I don't just zoom out and just take it step by step. Overthinking will NOT help you achieve what you want. I had to push through little humps of "This isn't good enough" or "How do I get this specific texture" stuff. Just do it and you can correct it if it doesn't look good! How will you know if you don't first give it a shot?

I always find drawing to be like meditation. You concentrate on this fine, tiny point. So much so that I forget what the whole picture looks like. This is also a great analogy for life itself: in our little bodies we're focused on our point of view while there are such bigger and grander things happening that are really quite beautiful, but since we insist on looking in one direction only, we can't see or feel that beauty!

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