Feel Alive!

Choose to be whomever you please; imaginary or real.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Music! Music.

Music fills my heart. Seeing music live fills my heart with gratitude, desire, fulfillment, understanding, empathy, love for the people who make it, who want to be heard, who express themselves to the fullest and show others they can do the same.

I admire the time they've put into their music. There are so many things we can do with our time, and using it in the midst of music, mostly in solitude, is a difficult choice for me (and I wonder if it is for them). So, I appreciate those who put in that time. The effort. The time spent alone. The growth, the sharing of their craft. The retreat so they may come out with a big bang and be the fullest version of themselves. Showcase their amazing gift to the world.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blood in your Heart

I’d like to be a nest if you were a little bird.
I’d like to be a scarf if you were a neck and were cold.
If you were music, I’d be an ear.
If you were water, I’d be a glass.
If you were light, I’d be an eye.
If you were a foot, I’d be a sock.
If you were the sea, I’d be a beach.
And if you were still the sea, I’d be a fish, and I’d swim in you.
And if you were the sea, I’d be salt.
And if I were salt, you’d be lettuce, an avocado or at least a fried egg.
And if you were a fried egg, I’d be a piece of bread.
And if I were a piece of bread, you’d be butter or jam.
If you were jam, I’d be the peach in the jam.
If I were a peach, you’d be a tree.
And if you were a tree, I’d be your sap…
And I’d course through your arms like blood.
And if I were blood, I’d live in your heart.
Claudio Bertoni

Molecular Vehicular

I swear, I'm still on a boat.

I'm still floating on the ocean.

I'm still surrounded by salty molecules.

As my insides try to settle themselves onto flat land, I try to find focus. It's hard to pin point.  My life revolves around other lives, around other people's beauty, around emotion and large scale things. I may be whole unto my self, but I am larger than whole, I am infinite, when I am with others.

How can I ensure my retreat into self so I may present what I have to offer when I come back into it?

Focus Lydia, focus, so you may be ambiguous once more.