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Choose to be whomever you please; imaginary or real.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Should you fail to pilot your own ship, don't be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For the love of idioms!!

It never rains, but it pours.

Synchronicity, repetition and blatent attention grabbers are back and stronger than ever today. This morning at breakfast with my parents we had one of our usual discussions. In this case, this was about my sister who had just gotten a job and then got another call from the restaurant we were at for an interview. I said "Well, we all know what they say, it never rains, but it pours!" I went home after food, and decided to watch one of my favorite movies (teehee) Gone in Sixty Seconds -- my jaw dropped when I heard one of the characters say that exact same line. About an hour ago -- now I'm sitting at work -- my boss says "It's been so quiet here today! Hope your night isn't too slow!" And then I automatically told her that it'd automatically get busy since she "jinxed" it. Oddly (or not-so-oddly) enough, a customer walked in about 2 seconds later. In poured the customers, after there were none for a long, long time. There it was again.

Lots of little things like that today, too many to retell. Perhaps I'll start my day off with an idiom and let it make my day unfold a specific way!

Monday, November 22, 2010

"you my friend

are a renaissance woman in a time when peoples true passions and talents are choked out by the monetary structure that we live within

and for that, I sympathize"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I get up in the morning and go to work. These days it doesn't bother me because my outlook on life is at a stage where interacting with the world is a splendid thing. It's all in the way you see it, isn't it? Somedays are harder to adjust to than others, of course, but lately it's been easy. One thing this new-found cold weather is good at is slapping you in the face with your own reality. You run into it like you would a seethrough glass door. The air you're breathing in refreshes and rejuvinates your innards. Your skin tightens up and for a rare magical moment you're aware of your own bodily limitations, of the biggest organ that you inhabit, that keeps the physical and not-so-physical parts of you from spilling all over the place. It shakes your perception and lets you be a mere bystander, as you examine yourself more closely, as you try to obliviate your senses from the cold.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Strange day today! Woke up noticing that I was very in my thoughts -- tried to get away from that, tried to just feel out my surroundings, my body, blurr out thought processing, but no matter what I just reverted back to my head. It's a beautiful day outside, so sunny! Usually on sunny days I'm clear of any negativity or struggle.

The world seems very materialistic to me right now, which is a VERY rare occasion in Lydia-land. I'm always all dreamy, in my own world, thinking that I don't have to do anything special for things to come to me.

I'm a spiritual being but there are times when I need some rest from thinking so hard about things (although it's easier said than done). It feels nice to just accept things as they are and go with the flow. Get to partake in friend's conversations without automatically thinking that it's all bullshit, or below me, or not of me. It feels good to live this way for a while.

What's funny though is that even when you don't try to feel the synchronicity around you, things just happen ... they stare you right in the face. Once you've started noticing patterns in the world they don't just disappear. They stick around -- forever. No need to make a big deal out of it though, I suppose. It is what it is!