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Friday, February 1, 2013

Whale at the Ferries

Fun synchronicity:

At work the other day a customer was coming in to pick up a document. His name was James Whale. When I heard his name, I automatically thought of an old friend of mine who had the same last name. I hadn't seen him in probably 2 years, or more. I quickly let the thought go.

Later that day I was at the ferry terminal, watching the people come through into Victoria from Vancouver. I told my friend that I'm always looking and expecting to see someone I know from my past, but it never happens. Just a few moments later, Jake Whale walks through the terminal, and my heart skips a beat. WHAT?! This random guy who I thought about today at work has magically appeared in front of me only 5 or so hours later?

That is just so cool. Ooooh life how crazy you are!

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