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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Holy Moments

How do you stay present in every moment? Is every moment holy?

A friend and I had a conversation yesterday when we rounded the corner and saw this beautiful sunset ahead. The contrasting colors of the sun's bright yellow and orange rays against the hazy blue sky and dark indigo-grey clouds was just stunning. How could you not feel your heart beat faster at the sight of it? But I noticed that after just a couple of minutes, that extraordinary feeling faded. I got used to it, used to the beauty around me ... yep, real quick. This saddened me, but reminded me of a scene in one of my all-time favorite movies Waking Life, where two people speak of Holy Moments. Instead of reiterating it really badly, I'll just post part of the transcript.

These two are having a dialogue about film mostly, and how everything captured on camera is a way of expressing a holy moment after another, letting the viewer know that 'This is Holy', kind of like God incarnating into every moment.

"It's just that moment, which is holy. You know, like this moment, it's holy. But we walk around like it's not holy. We walk around like there's some holy moments and there are all the other moments that are not holy, right, but this moment is holy, right? And if film can let us see that, like frame it so that we see, like, "Ah, this moment. Holy." And it's like "Holy, holy, holy" moment by moment. But, like, who can live that way? Who can go, like, "Wow, holy"? Because if I were to look at you and just really let you be holy, I don't know, I would, like, stop talking.

- Well, you'd be in the moment, I mean ....

- Yeah.

- The moment is holy.

- Yeah, but I'd be open. And then I'd look in your eyes, and I'd cry, and I'd like feel all this stuff and that's like not polite. I mean it would make you feel uncomfortable.
- Well you could laugh too. I mean, why would you cry?
- Well, 'cause ... I don't know. For me, I tend to cry. Well, let's do it right now. Let's have a holy moment.
- Okay.

(Long moments pass with them staring at each other) "

So anyway, my point here is that I think we may be built this way; we MUST become used to and comfortable with our surroundings quickly, so we may adapt and survive. We are animals afterall. I do sometimes wish that moments were captured as being holy more often, like the sunset my friend and I saw. But is it possible? Is it practical? How do you remind yourself that you're part of this grander holy moment? After noticing I'd gotten used to the sunset, I zoomed out a little and was kind of able to get back into the wonder of the view before me, but it still wasn't the same as when I first stumbled upon it.

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