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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Self-evaluation // This is who I am

My teacher may not know this but he did really inspire me today. Who knew photography class would have made me have an epiphany?

It's gotten me thinking -- What do I love to do most? Am I doing it? Am I putting everything into proportion, and properly prioritizing? I must take what I love and put it out on the table. Not only this, I must project it to the world, hand it on a platter and service myself and others with it. My love for fashion and style has meaning, no matter how I try to avoid it. I keep thinking it's vein, pointless, immature and unimportant to most (including me?) but that's my own bullshit I'm feeding myself.

What I love about Iain is that he puts himself on display. He says hey, look here, this is what I do, this is WHO I AM, and I can't avoid it. I can't get away from it, so here ... TAKE IT. Enjoy it, because I do, and forcing myself to neglect it will make me and everyone around me be worse off.

It's inspired me to be the same. To take into consideration every thought and every incline I am possessed with and make something come true from it. Why must I judge it as irrelevant or stupid? Childish and below any other passion or obsession? Everyone has something. Something. Don't they? Don't you? Sure, fashion isn't everyone's thing. But it's SOMEONE'S thing, and I'll aim for them. You know what, better yet, I'll just aim for myself, because if I can please myself then everyone else shall be pleased in the long run. No need to constantly critique and judge based on other's opinion.

Man, I need to learn to not give a shit.
And also, give MORE of a shit -- with what intrigues me the most.

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