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Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's pretty amazing that through a short amount of time, our sense of smell has become, shall we say, purer. I don't find too many folks anymore who actually enjoy a perfume or non-organic fragrance. Colognes, for example, deter me now, whereas a couple of years ago it was completely the opposite. I didn't like it when my man didn't wear cologne or scented deodorant.


I guess not. It's either we're growing older (my friends and I) and so I don't know a demographic that LIKES cologne/perfume anymore, or all of us in general are becoming more aware of our surroundings through the 5 senses and smell is more important than ever. Perhaps a feeling that our instincts and senses will be necessary for our survival. Fake smells trick your brain into thinking a certain way, which messes with everything you know. Much like how the invention of plastic has made us change the way we feel weight.

Mmm, organic things. Everyone's into it. Well, I guess there's a few out there still not really gettin' it... but just give them time and they'll be in the same boat too. Something about evolution that's just making us go back to the way things naturally were ....

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