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Monday, February 20, 2012

Today feels pretty magical. Yeah, it's raining outside ... whatever.

I went for coffee this morning, quite foggy brained. Not all that awesome, but either way I got my morning coffee at my favorite spot. GOOD! The walk back was brilliant, though. A few steps from the shop there layed a gallon of dark yellow paint, just what I need to paint my room and make it cozy. Nice! So I carried it along with me. Trees were prominent on my walk -- seems like it was today all the trees had been trimmed and the branches were left on the sidewalk. Bunches of them everywhere. Freshly cut trees stood bare naked on neighbor's lawns. I said hello, and looked up to see so many birdy nests, which also made me smile. If we don't get their beautiful folliage, at least we get to see what lies inside it all that time, invisible to our sight and in turn never even wondering about its contents. Now I got to see it in plain sight. Anyhow, getting carried away here with minute details... I walked along, feeling rejuvinated, and as I thought things couldn't get any better, I saw a cherry blossom. In BLOOM! The first of the season! It's not even Spring yet, one more month to be exact!

I LOVE THIS CITY. Even with its couple downfalls. What doesn't have it's good and bad qualities? I don't want to leave you ever, Victoria. Thanks for always "blooming".

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