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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday I was asking my mom and my friend if they ever SEE the trees downtown. You know, the ones that are stickin out in front of your dental office? Or the ones you pass by while you're shopping? The ones blowing in the wind, just taking it...

And this morning I was speaking to my mom about how we constantly are waiting to be happy later. All we need to do is realize that if death is coming we can't constantly be waiting and waiting. What if that stuff never comes? What you thought would make you happy never ever comes? You are inherently amazing. Once you realize how happy you can be without ANYTHING else, you can be happy right NOW.

So anyway, this Osho book just read all this stuff right back to me:

"The conscious man lives in the body, loves his body, celebrates it, but he is not the body. He knows that there is something in him that will survive all deaths. He knows that there is something in him that is eternal and time cannot destroy it. This he has come to feel through meditation, love, prayer. This he has come to feel inside his own being. He is unafraid. He is unafraid of death because he knows what life is. And he is not chasing happiness, because he knows God is sending him millions of opportunities; he has just to allow.
Can't you see the trees are rooted in the ground? They cannot go anywhere, and still they are happy. They cannot chase happiness, certainly; they cannot go and seek happiness. They are rooted in the ground, they cannot move, but can't you see the happiness? Can't you see their joy when it is raining, their great contentment when winds are running hither and thither? Can't you feel their dance? They are rooted; they go nowhere. Still, life comes to them."

I almost cried actually when I read the part about the trees. Ooooh boy.

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