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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's wrong with the way we view wealth in our society? Generations born in this era are brought up thinking that making lots of money is wrong, that being "rich" is bad. The moment we're offered an easy way out, we think it's a scam, or we think that it's not ethical because we need to "work hard for our money". It's as if we were brought up to suffer, to be in pain and work for the man until the day we die.

I was having an argument with my folks about what I think it means to be wealthy. I concluded that I find wealth to be freedom. Freedom from all restraints, or if there are restraints they are ones you've decided to put up for yourself and you actually like those challenges and work better with them. Wealth is material comfort, yes, but not extravagently. I have the misconception of thinking that if someone dresses lavishly, has a nice car, owns an upscale over-the-top home, they're just greedy. But who am I to say? Just because I don't like all those things doesn't mean owning those things is WRONG. It doesn't make you a bad person. Is greed really all that bad anyway? Only reason I personally don't agree with greed is because it propels our economy to unnecessary heights and proportions. We're trying to stabilize the economy but instead we continue segregating the common people into lower and lower classes. SO. After coming up with this and catch 22-ing myself because I was just being really judgemental, I found out that I really do want money. I want to be stable, comfortable, free. I want to have TIME to do things that I love to do. But I don't want to slave my life away. An older man came into my office the other day and said he worked all of his life so that he could finally golf in his retirement. I want to retire in my 20's. I want to prove to the young folks that something different can be done that lets us take more control of our own lives and spend our time wisely, freely, with more stability and constant flow of ... yep, cashola.

PS: 111th post!

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