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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I get up in the morning and go to work. These days it doesn't bother me because my outlook on life is at a stage where interacting with the world is a splendid thing. It's all in the way you see it, isn't it? Somedays are harder to adjust to than others, of course, but lately it's been easy. One thing this new-found cold weather is good at is slapping you in the face with your own reality. You run into it like you would a seethrough glass door. The air you're breathing in refreshes and rejuvinates your innards. Your skin tightens up and for a rare magical moment you're aware of your own bodily limitations, of the biggest organ that you inhabit, that keeps the physical and not-so-physical parts of you from spilling all over the place. It shakes your perception and lets you be a mere bystander, as you examine yourself more closely, as you try to obliviate your senses from the cold.

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