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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Think about it tomorrow

This is what I overheard today and wanted to "comment" on it (on this here little blog that no one sees, just to satisfy myself and answer my own questions).

Guess I don't have to think about it until the day it happens.  

This kind of mentality, a "live in the moment" kind of thought process, seems to limit us when the future arrives. Don't we want to be prepared? Isn't this why we live in linear time, so we can anticipate and make plans? It's a huge gift we have to even process future dated information, so why not put it to use? I find the "live in the moment" type of philosophy is a good one in moderation. I want to focus in on what I'm doing right now, how much energy I'm putting into my current actions, but I also want to use forward thinking to make these current actions even more productive and worthwhile, so if anything happens later on I'm ready to handle it in THAT moment. One moment builds on top of the other, and moments gather to creative time. So, if you want to live well, take care of every single moment, every one of them from this one to the next to the one 10 years from now.

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