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Saturday, April 19, 2014


There's parts of myself I really, really enjoy getting to know while in love. And there's parts, darker parts, tucked away beneath layers and layers of emotion, that I can't stand about myself while in love.

But all of this is who I am, and I cannot neglect either.

With more responsibility, more obligation.
With more intensity, more resilience.

The pendulum swings both directions. It lifts and it idles in the middle, and then lifts back up again on the other side. Both sides bring ecstacy and anger, and both are what humans seek, right? We want the drama, we want the yin and yang, we want to feel alive with vibrant, deep, colourful, expressive emotion that takes us into journeys we never dreamed of (some we never thought we'd hate so much).

I'm learning to accept it all. Love it all. Love myself through it all.
It's the human experience ... what can I say. I'll never really figure it out!

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