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Friday, May 3, 2013

iPhones and iWorlds

I have entered the iPhone world!!
It was a scary conversion.

But ya know, I feel like I had to get with the times. Most of me wishes we could go backwards in time a little, get rid of all of this crazy technology and keep it simple. Yet, another part of me understands that the world is growing, moving forward, and evolving along with us crazy humans. I could not deny it any longer.

Technology has many benefits, as long as we know to stay true and stay real. Now I can use this tool to promote what I love to do, and therefore do more of it. People get to connect instantly! I can do some work at home and still feel like the world is watching me (in my case, that's a really good thing, because I don't get anything done unless someone is there to tell me to keep going).

I also purchased a watch, which means I won't have to look at my phone everytime I want to know the time. This is a culprit move that just gets me into the black hole of checking something else. If I have the internet at my fingertips, I must find ways to remove my will power from the equation altogether. Get rid of as much temptation as possible. I must say, it feels nice to have a REAL clock on me again.

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