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Friday, October 15, 2010

"The Universe" (as much as I hate giving away all credit to its grandeur) has its own ways of helping you right along. A random "act of God" -- or so they call it -- happened on Sunday the 10th (10-10-10, check it out!) I was parked outside of my work, just like any other regular work day when I heard my alarm go off. I stepped outside to discover that my car had been smooshed under a tall statue of somekind. It was hard to comprehend the sight before me for a few minutes. My vehicle was parked right next to a big cement block of a post, which held up a clearance sign. A frequent customer of ours attempted to clear it and failed miserably, which resulted in a warm embrace between the post and my car.

My car was totaled, there was no doubt about it. I laughed at what had just happened, and wasn't struck by it half as much as my car was. Actually, I found this to be a miracle, a random act that set me free from making a decision of my own: To get rid of the car, or not to get rid of the car? All summer I had wanted to stop driving and just bike around town. I was too lazy to get it up to tip-top shape again and put it on the market, so I just kept driving. This solved my dilemma in one quick "tumble".

My driving and getting around isn't the only thing affected by the incident. From this, I will most likely have to find myself a new job closer to home as well, which is another thing I've been avoiding. Quitting has been on my mind for almost a year, but nothing's happened to show me that it should be done -- until now. From one tiny little incident on a day like any other, my whole life is subject to change, and quickly. Funny how "The Universe" makes those decisions for you when you're really strugglin' by yourself.

Here's the article published in the newspaper the next day!

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