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Monday, October 18, 2010

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I've been feeling down since about 2 days ago and wondering what the heck is happening to my brain. Seriously a 360 degree spin from how I felt about 2 weeks ago, when I felt my entire life finally coming into place, opportunities lining up and things organized and functioning 100%. Hurray! Easy coasting from now on! But the moment I thought this was the case, life threw a big cement block on me (quite literally, considering my previous post). Although my car being totaled was a God-send, it was a landmark for something greater spinning into existence.

I've been wanting to set goals and spin all of my actions around them. Not as easily done than said, obviously. I experimented with a few "things" this weekend and after such a dramatic change in my perception, my surroundings don't seem the same. I was warned about this happening, but at first I didn't see too much of a change. My mind's chatter has taken over, and it's not telling me much of anything useful or positive at all. Seems that the world is in a dark haze, and the weather reflects it too (or am I reflecting the weather?) My horoscope totally reflects every sudden change, and I feel a little bit less guilty knowing that the universe is projecting me in this direction (must be something good waiting for me at the end of this dull grey rainbow...) Is it because we always expect a higher power to solve our problems, to rescue us from the debris? Will we ever blame ourselves for our mistakes or for our accomplishments, or will this trend continue? Personally, I like to think of it as a reciprocation between my outside world and my inner world. Without one, you don't have the other. Therefore, the planets are reflecting my confusion and my surroundings are gloomy because of my attitude. In turn, because of the planets I'm feeling confused and because of the weather I feel gloomy.

Doesn't sound like it makes much sense but really, it makes all kinds of sense.

But really who cares about sense anyway, other than the left hemisphere of your brain?

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