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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So what do you do when you start your day off badly? When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or you wake up just fine but the next thing you do is stub your toe on the desk, and you don't have the strength or will power to make yourself laugh through it? Are you destined to be angry or overwhelmed or stressed out or sad all day long?

I don't know what it is that makes every single day different from the next .. when you think about it, a "day" is only determined by you going to sleep and waking up. What if we never slept? How would we gauge our difference in mood, when would it "switch" over? And why is it that waking up from sleep means we have to switch our mood at all? I want to feel happy at ALL times -- so what's stopping me?

We have to keep in mind that we are the only ones who can affect our mood. But even when you're conscious of feeling shitty, you personally have no idea how to trigger that happy mood, how to get rid of that little aching pain in your heart that is carried along with you throughout the day. But sometimes we're blessed with a trigger; we see a butterfly, or someone tells you you're beautiful, or you find a $10 bill on the ground. What is it that makes these things make you see the world differently? is it because we forget how beautiful we are, how beautiful our earth is? Is it the strain of monotonous work, day after day, that is remembered on grey gloomy days?

This post is mostly made up of rhetorical questions ... but hopefully while reading this you'll wonder why you're in a bad mood right now and remember that you can change it instantly. Think of something pretty. Think back on a wicked bad-ass day and how good you felt when you were in that brighter state of mind.

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