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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The moment you experience total disassociation with form, it is hard to see why we must be or do anything that we're used to doing as a human being. Our absolute state is so simple, so beautiful the way it is, yet we decided to create this physical reality. The two states are night and day. Once you know of both, you live knowing that you must accept your own folly.

"It's possible to insist, to properly insist, even though we know that what we're doing is useless. But we must know first that our acts are useless and yet we must proceed as if we didn't know it. That's a sorcerer's controlled folly."
"I am happy that you asked me about controlled folly yet it wouldn't have mattered in the least if you didn't. I have chosen to feel happy, as if I cared that you asked, as if it mattered that I care. That is controlled folly!" - Don Juan

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