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Monday, December 7, 2015


"Habit! That skillful but very slow housekeeper who begins by letting our mind suffer for weeks in a temporary arrangement, but whom we are nevertheless truly happy to discover, for without habit our mind, reduced to no more than its own resources, would be powerless to make a lodging habitable."

"...none of us constitutes a material whole, identical for everyone, which a person has only to go look up as though we were a book of specifications or a last testament, our social personality is a creation of the minds of others. Even the very simple act that we call "seeing a person we know" is in part an intellectual one. We fill the physical appearance of the individual we see with all the notions we have about him, and of the total picture that we form for ourselves, these notions certainly occupy the greater part."

Marcel Proust in "Swann's Way", about the mind creating habit and familiarity with objects and people.

Speaking of familiarity, go listen to "Familiarity" by the Punch Brothers.
Familiarity - Punch Brothers (youtube)

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