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Monday, February 3, 2014

Count those blessings!

I've been on a bout of counting my blessings. Being really, really grateful for what I have, instead of focusing on what's lacking. These are the times I feel healthiest -- when I can see the goodness, kindness, the generous people around me, the loving and kind-hearted souls who surround me every day. I have amazing friends, family, and an overwhelmingly loving partner-in-crime.

Also, most important of all: I am ABLE.

Today an older lady walked slowly towards the heavy door I propped open for her. I realized she wasn't in the right place. She was hesitant to come inside. Her cane taking the first step, she inched over and I asked her where she was headed. "Mr. McAllister's office, where do I find it?" I told her to come inside and have a seat while I figured it out. His office wasn't too far around the corner from our office, it turns out. She asked if there was parking in front closer to his office, and my coworker responded that she could just walk there, it wasn't too far. The lady let out a sigh of exhaustion, and perhaps a little annoyed, didn't reply but got up from her chair and walked toward the door. I opened the door once again and let her know she could drive out and around if she'd like to get closer, and she thanked me for the directions and the help.

This poor woman would have been walking around for days at the pace she was going. Her mobility was poor. She was going to see a physiotherapist, afterall. When she left I felt good knowing I'd helped her find her way a little bit quicker and easier. Then this rush of gratitude came over me: How lucky am I to be in this shape, in this body, capable of mobility, with this incredibly user-friendly interface? I can walk long distances, hell, I can even run if I want to! I can sit down and stand up without holding on to something (well unless my back goes out). I can twist, turn, bend -- backwards AND forewards -- jump, roll around, dance. Physically, I am in SHAPE! I can DO ANYTHING! I can train my maleable mind to work out intricate patterns, solve equations, make things happen, do great things! I have my entire life to do so ... or perhaps just these next few moments. In either case, I must appreciate everything that's been lent me, everything that I get to have right now for however long I have it!

You should count your blessings also.

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