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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Apple on the brain

I was craving an apple. Oh man was I ever craving an apple, and I don't know why. I was hungry, and the moment I left home I thought "damn, I should have brought something with me". I know I can't eat anything at Vista 18 -- gluten free problem. Couple hours later after watching the band I had another sudden craving for an apple, and was saddened by the fact that alas, I could not have an apple. Maybe I could go to mom's real quick and grab a snack? Maybe she's got an apple? Naaa, I'll just start walking home. Stu is walking to James Bay, so I may as well follow.

Stu takes out an apple from his pocket.

"Oh my GOD! An apple! I want an apple so badly."
"Well, you should get one! Up there! Go back up there!"
"Back where? What do you mean?"
"At the lobby, they have apples there for you to grab on your way out."

Yes, an apple basket. On the way out. Of course, I should have known.

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