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Monday, August 27, 2012


Schizophreniart -- Two parts that make a whole in one artist, with two seperate personalities. One, ready to go, ready to start or finish, always on the move and looking for the next thing to do to move forward. The other, a lazy son of a bitch, one who procrastinates, chews away at the paper and doesn't really want to do anything; always looking for a way out of making that next move.

Friend of mine and I are both in the same situation where we are lacking in self motivation, curiosity, imagination, creativity, and yet art is what we DO. Art is what we love, what we think of everyday. But getting down to business and actually doing up the pieces in your brain is such a TASK. Why does something you love doing still feel like work? We think it may be cause of schizophreniart. The big meany part of you won't actually let you sit down and enjoy what you're doing.

It's like you need to break up with the bad part of yourself so you can become a whole artist. Understand you're a crazy weirdo who can't function properly unless you say goodbye to the one side of you that just doesn't make any sense and that feeds your ego in the wrong ways.

Easier said than done!! But a good idea nonetheless, wouldn't you think? Fresh approach!

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