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Monday, April 16, 2012

Philosophical Coffee Date

Today I had a great philosophical talk over coffee. It made me realize how much of me loves to try to solve the entire world. There's a lot of passion that comes out of me through theory and ideals and complex unsolvable equations. When I'm stuck in my head doing it, I feel so lost, down and under, unable to really appreciate what it is that life has to offer because there's just too much to think about. But when I express it, verbalize it to someone else, it tends to kind of work itself out in ways that are unexplainable. I don't come to a conclusion, instead I realize that the conclusion will never be there and that's the BEAUTY of it. Everything can be anything you wish it to be! And I always know this but I lose myself in meanings and words and translations and views and yaddayaydaydyaddaaaa. BLUH. Too much mumbojumbo. After using all those words you come clear with it: there are no words to express the MEANING of life. Let it be complicated. Let it be unsolvable. Enjoy not knowing, not controlling any of it.

SO MUCH PASSION! Thaaat's what was missing.

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