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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


You are so in control, at all times, even when you don't realise it. I read somewhere once that a positive thought can out-power numerous amounts of negative thoughts; this was certainly true for me when I felt stressed last night. Going to meet my client, I had some bad habitual patterns repeating in my mind as I drove over there: "It's going to be hard to communicate, I don't know what to say, things won't go the way I want them to" and all that nonsense jazz. I caught myself swimming in these horrible thoughts and decided that I was in control of my own life and thinking this way would get me absolutely nowhere. As much as I was still feeling my heart beat faster and faster as I approached my destination, I overlapped my negative thoughts with powerful positive ones. "I am in control, I always have the upper hand, I am the boss of my own life, everything I do and say is taken the right way, conversation flows, things will go so smoothly and be over and done with quickly".

The results surprised me. As I was telling myself these things, changing my thoughts around, I was definitely aware of the stress my body was having to endure. It might still go wrong since my body wasn't feeling the same as what I was telling it to be feeling. Boy was I wrong, though! During the meeting I realized that everything I'd told myself had come to be true once I entered the "scene". I was like a writer narrating what was about to happen, and even if the main character was hard to picture in such a situation, it just played itself out beautifully. After the meeting was over, I was so proud of myself and felt like a million bucks.

You prove these things over and over to yourself. But everyday you forget the power of it. Just keep remembering, though, because it really does get you through. If you want it, speak it, and if you don't feel it -- yet -- then just know for a fact you will when it's required to be felt, and everything will work out to be most beneficial for you when the time comes.

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