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Monday, July 19, 2010


A friend and I were talking about living your life to the fullest and actually doing something that is "worthwhile". When your time ends -- when everyone around you just finally moves on to the "next" -- what will we classify as a life well lived? Does that even exist? Our consciousness flows through this energy at this moment and builds our lives, but does it really matter how you move about? In the end, all you've done is change the way you're spending your energy ('cause you know, that's all we are). In the grand scheme of things, that energy has no positive or negative ways of being spent. All energy is exactly the same.

In conclusion, I suppose the only way you could classify a life well lived is if you felt happy doing what you were doing, whether experiencing ecstacy through a long hike through the mountains or taking the drug for a mind trip. Sitting on your couch and eating popcorn or going to live concerts, following trends and jumping on bandwagons.

You can be happy. If you want to be.

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